We aim to encourage and facilitate community centres for the young and old to come together in a caring and sharing environment. Elders are often isolated from the vibrancy of the community and young people often have nowhere safe to gather after school. The purpose here is to encourage community involvement, inter-generational interaction and a sharing of traditional skills and methods as well as current culture and knowledge.

Support for local sales in Canadian communities.

Donated items for sales could include anything from specialized hard to find foods, basic clothing like hats, socks, etc. craft items that are often very expensive to buy in remote areas. Sales are organized and supervised on the ground by local administrators, volunteers and teachers from the schools.  Through  Northern Canada Mini Projects we help support sales in a number of remote communities in Nunavut and Northwest Terrorities.  Sales provide two valuable assets to the community: People with little income and few resources maintain their independence and dignity by being able to select and make purchases for themselves and their families but at a reduced price; and Communities become more self sufficient and able to support their own efforts for the good of the entire community through local initiatives such a food bank or soup kitchen, a holiday feast for the elders, books for a library, a greenhouse to grow their own food.
An example of a local sale that is stocked with donated items from southern sponsors like Hands Up Canada and the community then hosts a feast the elders, volunteers drive the isolated seniors to the feast and young people in the community help prepare the meal and serve it their guests.

Support for community centre enrichment and recreation programmes

The goal is to encourage and enhance community connectivity between the young and old. Craft supplies such as beads, felt, jewelry making supplies and yarn and needles to give elders the materials needed to teach young people new and traditional skills such as beading and knitting. As well artistic endevours,such as the sharing and teaching of traditional music, dance and story telling, help to bring generations together in a mutually respectful environment while passing down past history to the younger generation. Current books and movies including documentaries are used as the basis for discussion groups and the sharing of knowledge and culture. The young learn new skills and pass on current culture to isolated seniors and the latter share and teach traditional skills. Donations of craft items to make friendship bracelets, cooperative games, books and movies and fitness items like balls, yoga props, etc. are used to encourage activities that bring young and old together in an interactive and supportive environment. Programes are under the direction of a teacher, social worker or other qualified adult in a safe structured environment for all members of the community.

Community Connectivity

For as little as $10 you can help with the cost of sale items, food or craft supplies to a remote Canadian community.  You can also help with mailing costs as hipping is expensive to fly-in only locations that are right up as far as the Arctic Circle.  Every dollar helps!