We work to encourage and enhance the advancement of education in communities where there is poverty, poor attendance at schools and/or high drop rates. Education is the first step toward employment and self-reliance. Ways that we work with schools and educators to help students on their road to academic excellence.

For a $60 – $100 donation you can help a child or woman gain the education they need.

Head Start Backpacks

We send these early learning backpacks to pre-school children in northern communities in the spring.  The early learning tools encouraging an excitement in the learning process and help set the youngest students on the road to academic success.

Back-to-School Backpacks

The bags are packed with grade and age appropriate school supplies including pens/pencils, paper, calculator, math set, and other learning items.  While school backpacks are normally supplied in the fall emergency school packs can be provided at any time of year for children who find themselves suddenly in a shelter without their supplies.  Backpacks are distributed through local shelters, community centres and other groups who work with children in need.

Women Returning to School

A recent initiative of Hands Up Canada is to supply women with the supplies needed to return to school to upgrade their education, learn ESL, learn a trade.  These women often find themselves in a shelter with little in the way of work experience and with no way to support their families.  We include items like a clipboard, calculator, notebooks and a journal, pens, etc. With the right skills they have a better chance of obtaining jobs that will help them improve their financial situation and move towards independence.

Every dollar helps put supplies into a backpack for a deserving student.

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